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7 Plymouth food businesses failing on food hygiene standards

Posted: July 19th, 2012 by Craig comment-icon Comments disabled

Following a recent inspection, it has been revealed that a total of seven food-selling businesses in the Plymouth region are failing to adhere to food safety and hygiene standards.

The Plymouth Herald reported that the businesses, which include the Cliff Edge Café and the Saltram Club in Plymstock, were all given zero ratings for food hygiene and safety.

This means that the businesses require ‘urgent improvement’ but do not represent an immediate threat to the health of the public. A spokesperson for the Food Standards Agency (FSA) said:

“Where a food outlet is given a low rating of ’0′ or ’1′ following an inspection, this means the business must make urgent or major improvements to hygiene standards.”

At the other end of the scale, businesses that score ‘five’ are those that are deemed to have “very good” food hygiene standards.

Problems found at the ‘zero’ rated premises included:

• Using hot-holding equipment to reheat food
• Failing to implement food safety management systems
• Owners and staff members wearing inappropriate footwear in the kitchen
• No hot water supply to sinks

The findings clearly indicate that the management at the seven ‘zero’ rated premises need to instigate a full regime of food hygiene training courses, as well as improving food safety management systems and policies.

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