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NVQ training options for care service managers

Posted: April 2nd, 2011 by Eloise comment-icon Comments disabled

The management of a care service or facility can be an extremely challenging and complex task, and only a person with particular abilities and advanced levels of training will be able to do it.

If you plan to advance in your career to management level, you need to start looking at your training options. The right training can equip you with the skills and knowledge to get a management role and excel in it.

The best option for those responsible for managing a care service is a NVQ Leadership and Management in Care Services (LMC) qualification. This training course is specially designed for managers and deputy managers and covers all kinds of care services. This includes care services for people with mental health problems, learning disabilities and older people.

How the LMC course is organised

As part of this course, which usually takes around 12 months to complete, you will gain greater knowledge and understanding of the following topics:

• How to lead and manage care services in a way that respects people and protects their responsibilities and rights
• Developing practice and procedures to manage risks within care services
• Complying with health and safety regulations
• How to develop your workforce as well as yourself

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