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First aid tips – treating hyperventilation

Posted: August 17th, 2013 by Dermot comment-icon Comments disabled

To ensure that you are fully prepared for any medical emergency, whether it happens at home, at work or out in public, it is a good idea to take a first aid training course. However, there are some first aid basics it can be useful to know even if you haven’t had first aid training, such as how to recognise and treat hyperventilation, for example. Spotting the signs of hyperventilation Hyperventilation basically means excessive breathing, usually following acute anxiety or… Read more »

Improvements needed at Hemel Hempstead care home

Posted: August 16th, 2013 by Craig comment-icon Comments disabled

A care home in Hemel Hempstead has been told that it must make urgent improvements to its care training, standards and practices after a damning report following a recent inspection. Officers from the Care Quality Commission (CQC) visited the Mountbatten Lodge in June 2013 on an unannounced inspection. They found a number of worrying problems with standards of care at the home, including: • A person who had been without food or drink for over 17 hours • Two residents… Read more »

HSE launches new health and safety guidance for large businesses

Posted: August 16th, 2013 by Eloise comment-icon Comments disabled

In an effort to help large UK businesses and organisations understand their responsibilities in relation to health and safety, and to abide by the law, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has launched brand new, user-friendly guidance. The ‘Managing for Health and Safety’ guidance, or HSG65, is designed to help business owners, company directors, trustees and line managers understand how to manage health and safety in their workplace. The guidance, which is available online at the HSE website free of… Read more »

Quarter of Scottish takeaways fail food hygiene tests

Posted: August 15th, 2013 by Craig comment-icon Comments disabled

According to the findings of a recent investigation by the Sunday Express, around one in four Scottish takeaways are failing to meet legal food hygiene standards. The investigation was launched at the same time as concerns were raised about the increase in food poisoning in the country, with a 40 per cent rise reported in the first few months of 2013 compared to the same period last year. It was not only takeaways which were flagged up for their poor… Read more »

Somerton businesses get fire safety training

Posted: August 15th, 2013 by Dermot comment-icon Comments disabled

Businesses in the Somerset town of Somerton have been taking important steps to improve workplace safety standards, by sending their staff members on crucial fire safety training courses. Many employees and managers from local businesses attended training sessions, which were held in the form of an open evening by Somerton Fire Station. Attendees were taught all the things usually included on a basic fire safety in the workplace training course, such as: • How to spot fire hazards and take… Read more »

Home building company wins health and safety awards

Posted: August 14th, 2013 by Eloise comment-icon Comments disabled

The home building company Berkeley Homes, which is based in West London, has been presented with multiple health and safety prizes at the recent National House-Building Council (NHBC) Health and Safety Awards. The company not only won the Best Site Award 2013 in both the regional and national Large Housebuilder categories for its Wimbledon Hill Park site, but Berkeley also took home Highly Commended awards for its Ebury Square and Napier West 3 sites. Commenting on the wins, Berkeley’s managing… Read more »

First aid kit advice pt.3 – knowing how to use a first aid kit

Posted: August 14th, 2013 by Craig comment-icon Comments disabled

At the start of this guide (part 1 and part 2), we looked at what should be included in a first aid kit and where businesses should be looking to keep their first aid kits. Now we come to one of the most important pieces of advice – how to use a first aid kit. Many first aid kits, such as those marked with a British Standard label, are designed to be as easy to use as possible. So, in… Read more »

First aid kit advice pt.2 – where should first aid kits be kept?

Posted: August 13th, 2013 by Craig comment-icon Comments disabled

Having well-stocked first aid kits and enough supplies for everyone in the workplace (see part 1 of this guide) is incredibly important. However, it is also important to keep your workplace first aid kits in the right places. There are a few simple things to remember when deciding where to keep your first aid kits. Primarily, your first aid kits need to be easily accessible. The last thing you want is for someone to need first aid but the kit… Read more »

First aid kit advice pt.1 – what should be in a first aid kit?

Posted: August 13th, 2013 by Craig comment-icon Comments disabled

Having adequate first aid supplies is a very important part of any workplace’s health and safety measures, but it can be difficult to work out exactly what and how much you need. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) doesn’t stipulate what businesses should keep in their first aid kits, nor does the organisation endorse any particular products. However, you can get British Standard first aid kits for your workplace which generally contain all you need. These kits usually contain: •… Read more »

Poor fire safety standards at Sunderland hostel uncovered

Posted: August 12th, 2013 by Dermot comment-icon Comments disabled

After being called to a fire at a hostel in Sunderland, firefighters have uncovered serious fire safety violations including fire doors that were shut and padlocked. The fire broke out at the Norfolk Hotel, a former 42-bed hotel that is now being used as a hostel accommodating 37 people, in November 2012. The blaze started in a bedroom, and firefighters discovered when they arrived on the scene that the nearest fire exit to this room was locked shut with a… Read more »

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