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Building firm prosecuted after worker’s fall

Posted: April 13th, 2012 by Eloise comment-icon Comments disabled

A sixty two year old worker sustained serious injuries when the scaffolding plank he was standing on at a site in Warwickshire snapped. He fell two and half metres, landing on a joist and breaking his pelvis in two places. His left thigh was cut almost halfway through the muscle. The Health and Safety Investigators found that the worker’s employer failed to show employees either a risk assessment or a method of work statement before the incident. The damaged scaffold… Read more »

Accident ends carpenter’s career

Posted: April 12th, 2012 by Dermot comment-icon Comments disabled

A self-employed carpenter was severely injured while using an unguarded bench saw as he worked on the refurbishment of flats in Westminster. He was feeding timber through the bench saw when the wood slipped and the twenty two year old caught his hand on the saw blade, severing half of his little and ring fingers. The injuries resulted in a series of operations and ongoing treatment to repair nerves and tendons. It also resulted in the termination of the man’s… Read more »

The FSA’s Food Hygiene Rating Scheme reaches South Lakeland

Posted: April 10th, 2012 by Craig comment-icon Comments disabled

The nationwide rolling out of the Food Standards Agency’s new Food Hygiene Rating Scheme has reached South Lakeland and Eden, continuing the FSA’s aim to establish a system that can be used and recognised whatever the county. The goal of the scheme is clear: to reduce the number of cases of food poisoning or food-borne illness. This will be achieved in a number of ways: • Businesses will be assessed on a number of aspects of food hygiene including food… Read more »

What should you keep in your first aid box?

Posted: April 9th, 2012 by Dermot comment-icon Comments disabled

In every place of work, the employer has a responsibility to ensure that there are adequate first aid facilities in the event of an accident or illness. Even a low-risk business needing only basic provisions should at least keep a well-stocked first aid kit. But what exactly should you put in your first aid kit? The Health and Safety Executive does not provide a list of mandatory contents, leaving the decision up to the employer. This means that the employer… Read more »

The role of the fire marshal

Posted: April 8th, 2012 by Craig comment-icon Comments disabled

Fire marshals or wardens play a vital role in ensuring safety in the workplace. Reporting to the fire safety manager, the marshal is responsible for a number of tasks: • Identifying fire hazards in the workplace, recording them and reporting back to the fire safety manager. An assessment needs to take place each time there is change in working practices. • Checking that fire escape routes are operational and remain open and uncluttered. • Taking appropriate action if the fire… Read more »

QCF NVQ Diploma in Health and Social Care: FAQs

Posted: April 7th, 2012 by Craig comment-icon Comments disabled

1. Why has the name changed to QCF? The Qualifications and Credit Framework is the new way of recognising vocational (work-related) achievement. Credits are awarded, allowing employees a more flexible way of achieving qualifications that allows them to progress at their own pace. 2. Who is the QCF Diploma in Health and Social Care aimed at? Levels 2 and 3 are aimed at those working in all social care settings, whether with adults or children. Level 5 is for those… Read more »

Littleport care home loses residents after failing to improve standards

Posted: April 6th, 2012 by Eloise comment-icon Comments disabled

A care home in Littleport was visited last month by inspectors from the Care Quality Commission, who found that the home was failing its residents through a lack of adequate care training for its employees, as well as providing unsatisfactory care plans for its residents. Unfortunately, it would seem that, a month after the original inspection, standards have still not reached an acceptable level, and the home is now facing the reality of sanctions. Cambridgeshire County Council and NHS Cambridgeshire… Read more »

FSA’s Play It Safe Campaign launched

Posted: April 6th, 2012 by Dermot comment-icon Comments disabled

Preparations for London’s 2012 Olympic Games continue, with the launch of the Food Standards Agency’s Play It Safe Campaign. As part of the campaign, the FSA has created an elite team of food inspectors, made up of the best ten in the country. These inspectors have been given a very specific mission: to raise awareness of food safety, both of businesses and consumers. This may seem like a mammoth task, but the inspectors will be based in host cities across… Read more »

£9,000 fine for builder who failed to prevent customer’s fall

Posted: April 5th, 2012 by Craig comment-icon Comments disabled

A Sheffield builder has found out the hard way what can happen if you fail to follow even the most basis health and safety training. In 2010, he was working on a domestic refurbishment in Sheffield, and replaced the customer’s staircase. Unfortunately, he failed to fit a temporary handrail and left the staircase open. The owner of the house later suffered a fall from the top of the staircase, crashing three metres to the floor below. He sustained multiple and… Read more »

How will the Olympics affect your business?

Posted: April 5th, 2012 by Dermot comment-icon Comments disabled

This year is set to be a busy one for the UK, with the Queen’s Jubilee beginning in April, followed by the London Olympics in July. With events being planned across the UK, many businesses will be hoping to profit from the busy summer. It is important for businesses to consider the potential risks created by such a busy time, as well the (hopefully) increased revenues. • Businesses serving food to the public may be taking on additional members of… Read more »

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