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Tragic fall was due to lack of safety measures

Posted: January 21st, 2012 by Eloise comment-icon Comments disabled

A fifty-one year old labourer from Liverpool was left paralysed from the waist down and later died of injury-related illness after falling from four-inch wide beams where he was working. The manager of the site had failed to provide safety measures to prevent falls and protect the safety of those working for him. He was also found to have failed in his legal duty to report the incident to The Health and Safety Executive. The law stipulates that if you… Read more »

Sprinklers can reduce damage caused by fire

Posted: January 21st, 2012 by Craig comment-icon Comments disabled

Recent figures show that there was one fire every three school days in London schools last year. London Fire Brigade figures show that there were one hundred and thirteen accidental fires in schools in 2011. An eighth of schools nationally suffered from arson attacks, costing somewhere in the region of £65 million. Now, the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority’s community safety committee is trying to persuade local authorities of the advantages of sprinkler systems. While fire safety training is… Read more »

How to minimise the risk of food poisoning

Posted: January 20th, 2012 by Dermot comment-icon Comments disabled

The risk of food poisoning is ever-present when dealing with food; these risks can however be minimised if certain precautions are respected and adhered to. Most people associate food poisoning with meat, fish or shellfish produce, and yet, last year’s outbreak of E. coli in Germany demonstrated the risk posed by vegetables too. Vegetables can carry particles of contaminated soil which can result in food poisoning, and The Food Standards Agency launched a campaign last November in order to raise… Read more »

Food safety training offered to Welsh school children

Posted: January 20th, 2012 by Eloise comment-icon Comments disabled

The Food Standards Agency in Wales is offering school children the opportunity to study for an industry-recognised qualification in food hygiene and safety. The aim is to provide children on fourteen and above the life skills necessary for safe and healthy cooking, as well as providing them with a valuable additional qualification. The food safety training will be delivered online, and students will receive a certificate upon successful completion of the course. Initial feedback from schools seems to be very… Read more »

Food safety paramount during the Olympic Games

Posted: January 19th, 2012 by Craig comment-icon Comments disabled

Strict measures are being taken in the run-up to the Olympic Games this summer in an attempt to respond rapidly to any unusual symptoms and to prevent any outbreaks of food poisoning. It is believed that the most likely health problems will be bouts of diarrhoea and vomiting in the Olympic Village, where 17,000 athletes and officials will be staying. Any outbreak is cause for concern, even more so when the eyes of the world will be on the UK…. Read more »

Does the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 apply to your organisation?

Posted: January 19th, 2012 by Craig comment-icon Comments disabled

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order actually came into effect in October 2006, and it applies to various business premises, situations and people: • All business premises are covered by the regulations, whether they are run by an employer or a self-employed businessperson. • They cover any areas of a residential dwelling that are only used for business purposes. • Charities and voluntary organisations are also covered by the regulations. • Any business providing accommodation for paying customers must comply… Read more »

Bakelite museum falls foul of fire safety standards

Posted: January 19th, 2012 by Eloise comment-icon Comments disabled

A quirky museum in Somerset is facing closure if it cannot raise the money to bring its building up to modern fire safety standards. The museum has been based for the last twenty years in an old flour mill crammed full of period features, such as the very steep wooden staircases. The owner remains convinced that the preserved historic features of the mill contribute to the quality of the experience offered by the museum, and argues that any internal structural… Read more »

Demolition worker receives community service for health and safety breaches

Posted: January 18th, 2012 by Craig comment-icon Comments disabled

In January of last year, demolition workers were clearing the site of a demolished hospital wing in Kent. They were searching for bricks that could be reclaimed, and one of the workers decided to use an excavator machine to hold the bricks. Despite the fact that the demolition worker had no training or the authorisation to operate the excavator (which still had the keys in the ignition), he went ahead regardless. He then lost control of the vehicle and caused… Read more »

An absence of effective safeguards on machinery can have devastating consequences

Posted: January 17th, 2012 by Dermot comment-icon Comments disabled

Factory workers are exposed to a particular risk as they carry out their jobs. They work with often very large machines that can pose a significant risk to life and limb if they are not fitted with the correct safeguards, including: • Conveyors must be bolted into position, and the machine must cut the power supply should the conveyor be removed. • Guarding should be put in place to prevent operators from gaining access to the machine while it can… Read more »

Workers engulfed in fireball in Telford

Posted: January 17th, 2012 by Dermot comment-icon Comments disabled

An incident at an industrial unit in Telford in August 2010 provided a dramatic demonstration of the necessity of fire safety training in the workplace, after two workers were engulfed in a ball of fire. The workers had been asked to locate the cause of an underground water leak at the empty industrial unit, and had been instructed to dig at a particular spot by the manager of the site. The workers did as requested using an electrical drill. Unfortunately,… Read more »

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