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The role of the fire warden in your workplace

Posted: June 28th, 2011 by Craig comment-icon Comments disabled

All workplaces are required to have a ‘responsible person’ for fire safety. This person (or persons – more than one trained person is preferable) is also known as a fire warden or fire marshal.

The fire warden has a certain number of duties and responsibilities, all of which require proper fire marshall training to be undertaken beforehand. The role entails:

• Having good general fire safety awareness
• Checking fire fighting equipment regularly and identifying anything that is damaged or in need of maintenance
• Ensuring all escape routes are clear of obstructions at all times
• Making sure all mandatory fire notices and signs are in place and that they are legible and in good condition
• Knowing the location of the fire assembly point and also details of evacuation procedures
• Knowing how to alert people to fire, direct them to exits and call the fire brigade
• Knowing how to open all escape doors
• Being well informed on the working practices and standards for the safe use of flammable materials
• Incident reporting

As part of your fire safety awareness training, you may also learn about how to properly conduct a thorough fire risk assessment on your workplace.

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