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Two Calerdale care homes blacklisted over falling standards

Posted: January 11th, 2011 by Craig comment-icon Comments disabled

Two care homes in Calderdale have been blacklisted by the local council after they failed to comply with contract obligations and current care standards.

The facilities – Lands House in Rastrick and Woodfield Grange in Greetland – have been removed from the Calderdale Council list of approved care homes, after a report found that they and a number of homes in the region were not meeting standards.

The council’s health and social care panel is preparing to publish a new report on the standard of care homes in the region, after a number of complaints prompted an investigation into the issue in March 2009. At that time, the council revealed that four homes had received a zero star rating from the commission for Social Care, the body which is now called the Care Quality Commission.

After a two year, in-depth look at the care system in Calderdale, the council’s panel has come up with four recommendations. These include a need to:

• Implement more care training for staff
• Introduce more activities for residents in care homes
• Improve efficiency and ‘smart working’ in care homes
• Take a more robust approach to safeguarding

Speaking of the pending report, panel Chairwoman Ruth Goldthorpe said:

“Residents in care homes are among our most vulnerable citizens and this major piece of work has taken an in-depth look into ways that standards could be improved in homes across Calderdale.”

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