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Worker has tendons severed by unsafe machine

Posted: May 29th, 2012 by Eloise comment-icon Comments disabled

A young worker from Telford had three tendons in his hand severed because the safety device on a bagging machine did not work. He had been employed by the sand and gravel supplier for just four months when the accident occurred.

He was trying to clear a blockage from the bagging machine when he caught his hand on the device that seals the bags of gravel and sand. The machine was still running when the man put his hand inside and the heat-sealing device came down on top of it, severing three tendons.

As a result of these injuries, the worker was not able to return to his job and subsequently he parted company with his employer. It took him months to find another job.

The HSE investigation into the accident found that the man’s employer had failed to maintain the interlocking system that should have cut the power supply to the machine when the doors were opened. They also found that although a machine guard had been available since 2007, the company had failed to fit it to their machine.

As in so many cases, this was an accident that could have been avoided; it cost the man dearly and his ex-employer £3,800 in fines and costs.

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