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Youngster called on to use first aid training twice in a matter of weeks

Posted: November 13th, 2011 by Dermot comment-icon Comments disabled

A nine-year-old girl from the Chesterfield suburb of Walton in Derbyshire was called upon to use the skills she learnt in first aid training twice in a matter of weeks, after her mum fainted and then later, a young boy collapsed in a shop.

Emily Salmon first needed her first aid training when her mother collapsed in the bathroom. The youngster knew instantly what to do, and was able to put her mother in the recovery position, call an ambulance and wait for help to arrive.

Remarkably, Emily was visiting Toys’R’Us with her family just a few weeks later, as a reward for her quick thinking, when her first aid skills were needed again. A young boy had collapsed in the shop, and it was later discovered that he was suffering from hypoglycaemia.

Emily has now won official recognition for her first aid success at Derbyshire’s first ever St John Ambulance Youth Awards, where she was presented with the Badger First Aid prize.

Commenting on how tough it is to choose the winners on the night, Principal Youth Officer Carl Makins said:

“The entries were extremely strong, and it was heartwarming to read about people who give hours and hours of their time over the years.”

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