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Care Training Courses

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Care Training

Mandatory and short course care training

Tutorcare can provide all the mandatory and short course care training you need to meet the Common Induction Standards or ensure continuous professional development.

Our care training courses are delivered in your workplace at a time convenient to you and each course can accommodate up to 15 attendees. Our care training programs meet the requirement of CQC and care courses delivered through Tutorcare can be tailored specifically for your organisations needs.

We deliver our care courses nationwide and can meet the care training needs of individual homes, small groups through to corporate care providers. We already deliver our care training courses to 100s of care organisations across the UK.

We provide numerous competitively priced care courses including:-

  • Infection Control Awareness Course - This infection control training course is designed for all staff working in the care environment. Individuals will understand the importance of infection control measures, obligations and responsibilities that should be performed, demonstrate and explain hand washing techniques and have an understanding of maintaining a clean environment.
  • Mental Capacity Act and Deprivation of Liberties Courses - The Mental Capacity Act came into force in 2007 and was designed to strengthen the protection of vulnerable adults. This course enables candidates to understand the principles of the Mental Capacity Act 2005 and how those working within the Care Sector can ensure compliance whilst carrying out their job role.
  • Dementia Awareness Training Courses - This course is aimed at all staff working in the care environment who work with older people with dementia. A general understanding of the issues associated with dementia will be established. Attendees will gain under-pinning knowledge of the signs and symptoms of dementia, important early indicators, the three stages of dementia and diagnosis and treatment of dementia.
  • SOVA Awareness Course - This course is aimed at raising awareness of the importance of Safeguarding Vulnerable People. Staff completing this course will be in a better position to implement their company adult protection policy and the procedures they should follow.
  • Medication Awareness Courses - This awareness course is aimed at staff working in the care environment. It is in line with the National Minimum Standards Requirements and the recent CQC guidelines. The learner will have an understanding of the legislation involved with drug administration, along with being able to follow procedures set for safe administration. The learner will also have an understanding of the importance of confidentiality and security in all procedures of drug administration
  • Challenging Behaviour Courses - This course enables candidates to have an understanding of how to deal effectively with a situation where someone is presenting with challenging behaviour. Candidates will benefit from having knowledge of how to recognise signs and symptoms of challenging behaviour within their working environment identify causes and deal with situations using simple interventions to diffuse difficult and potentially aggressive situations.
  • Moving and Handling of People Courses - This training programme is designed to provide students with the essential knowledge and understanding of the safe process of moving people to prevent injury to themselves and the person being moved, whilst also covering the legal requirements regarding the handling of people.
  • Observation Skills for Carers Course - This course is designed to provide an introduction into the responsibilities in observation and the legal requirements of accurate reporting. It is relevant to people who provide personal care to clients in care settings
  • Health and Safety Awareness Course - This course ensures that your employees are aware of their responsibilities under The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999. Under Health and Safety Legislation, employers are required to provide appropriate health and Safety training for themselves and/or their employees. This training course will ensure that you and your employees comply with legislation and raise awareness of the need to provide a healthy, safe working environment ensuring the welfare of everyone.
  • Person Centred Care Courses - The course enables participants to understand the importance of seeing people as unique individuals who require unique interventions designed to meet their unique needs. This course enables participants to help create care plans for service users.
  • Equality and Diversity Awareness Course - This course aims to raise awareness of Equality & Diversity and encourage candidates to take a proactive approach within the workplace. Equality and Diversity can be compromised by candidates own values, opinions, and prejudices, this course explores how prejudices develop and how they may influence people.Candidates gain awareness of discriminatory practice and gain knowledge on how to promote equal opportunities for all and recognise the value of diversity.
  • Nutrition Awareness Course - This course is designed to provide a group of staff, an introduction into enabling clients to choose and consume food and drink by mouth. The actual support required by clients will be dependent on their individual needs
  • Food Safety Awareness Course - This course is designed to provide care employees that handle open food the essential knowledge and understanding of good Food Safety Practice. The aim of this training course is to provide individuals with a fundamental knowledge of food hygiene and to enable them to apply this knowledge to essential practical skills in order to prevent food poisoning. The course is in-line with the Food Safety (General Food Hygiene) Regulations 1995
  • Communication and Record Keeping Course - This course provides an awareness of the principles of good communication and record keeping within a care environment, to ensure effective communication skills, and good practice when recording information.
  • Fire Safety Awareness Course - Following the introduction of the new Regulatory Reform (fire safety) Order 2005 all companies are obliged to ensure that employees receive adequate training in fire safety on a yearly basis, as well as having a full risk assessment carried out on their premises. The following course will ensure that you meet the above national guidelines.This course allows companies to keep employees aware of all the key information regarding fire safety in the workplace.
  • Palliative Care Awareness Course - This course is for candidates working within caring role for those who have a life-limiting illness, enabling them to undertake the carer’s role with confidence applying understanding of palliative care, providing dignity, comfort and empathy.
  • Confidentiality Awareness Course - The aim of this course is to provide the theory and introduce moral/ethical and philosophical issues relating to confidentiality. Candidates will gain awareness of why confidentiality is important, how to keep information confidential and situations when information might need to be shared. Candidates will gain an understanding on how confidentiality can be breached and how to deal with enquiries without breaching confidentiality.
  • The Ageing Process Course - This course is aimed at all staff working in the care environment who work with older people. A general understanding of the ageing process will be established. Attendees will gain under-pinning knowledge of myths and reality, awareness,what it is and what it isnt and drivers.
  • COSHH Awareness Course - The COSHH Regulations (2002) are designed to protect people against risks to their health when dealing with or being exposed to hazardous substances. The course is designed for candidates who handle chemicals as part of their daily work. The course is ideal for induction or refresher training to the new regulations.
  • Stroke Awareness Course - This course is aimed at anyone currently or seeking to work within the health care sector. Candidates will benefit from having knowledge of symptoms, treatments and side effects of Strokes.
  • Stress Awareness Course - This awareness course is designed to enable participants to recognise the different signs and causes of stress, what affects it can have on the work place and different ways to relieve stress.
  • Wound Assessment Course - This course is aimed at anyone currently or seeking to work within the health care sector. Candidates will benefit from having knowledge of wound assessment and an understanding of causes, stages, treatment and risk factors.
  • Loss and Bereavement Awareness Course - This course enables candidates to form a better understanding of how to deal with death, dying and bereavement issues professionally and sensitively.
  • Risk Assessment Course - This course is ideal for anybody involved in providing health and social care. It provides useful information on assessing risks to service users and those providing their care. Links to care plans are explained along with practical measure to reduce the risks identified.
  • And many many more care training courses... Check out the full listing on the left hand tab

In addition, when you book three care training courses at the same time from certain titles in this range you will receive the third one at no cost.

Contact Tutorcare today to ensure all your organisations care training needs are met.

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