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Child Care Section

Our child care courses will teach delegates how to deal with a range of situations often encountered in nurseries, foster homes, or care homes. As such, the below range of courses are all designed to fulfil the recommendations made by the CQC so you can be confident that your training is of the highest quality.

If the particular course which you are looking for is not listed below, please do contact us and one of our training specialists will be happy to help.

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NEW: Prepare to become an Early Years Educator for children aged 0-5. Suitable for pre-school, primary schools and childcare roles.

NEW: Management level qualification for those working in childcare and early years education. Monthly payment plans available.

NEW: Become competent working with children aged 0-5 years and gain an understanding of the development of 5-7 year olds.

NEW: Gain the essential skills and knowledge required to obtain a leadership role within childcare settings.

Covers a variety of topics and as such is both an ideal induction course or refresher for experienced staff.

Excellent introductory course covering the duty of care for all those working with children. 3 hour course.

Learn to mitigate challenging personalities and alter behavioural patterns through positive reinforcement. 4 hours.

Spot the signs of child attachment and develop a keen insight into a child's developmental needs. 4 hour course.

Recommended training for any sector and anyone working with children on a regular basis. 6 hour training course.

A 4 hour course focusing on child attachment and the potential impacts and management techniques.

This 4 hour course is for childcare sector staff, whose role involves the provision of support to those coping with grief.

Help prevent young people from entering the youth justice system, or from re-offending. 4 hour training course.

Develop a better understanding of both the physcological impacts and the legislative procedures. 4 hour course.

An extensive overview on the relevant policy and procedures supporting unaccomapnied children. 5 hour course.

Practical and theoretical sessions will enable confident management of difficult situations. 6 hour course.

Properly address concerning behaviour and its underlying phsycological origins with this 3 hour course.

Build trust and help with a child’s mental and emotional recovery with skills learnt during this 4 hour course.

Training meets CQC guidelines and ensures that staff are able to make safe and suitable placements.

Identify the positive value that male role models have on a child’s development and quality of life. 4 hour course.

Assist young people in their transition into independent living, overcoming issues and challenges.

Better understand the experiences and motivations that can lead young people to offend. 4 hour course.

Ensure that contact between a child and their birth family is as positive as possible with this 4 hour course.

Theoretical and practical training to better handle potentially damaging allegations. 4 hour course.

Participants will gain a thorough understanding of trafficking and best practice to effectively handle sitations.

Meet CQC guidelines and gain understanding of the experiences and circumstances of these children.

Comply with Foster Standard 8 and help young people reach their academic potential. 4 hour training course.

Extensive course to help improve a child’s attitude to learning. Suitable for parents, teachers and foster carers.

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