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CardiAid AED

When observing sudden cardiac arrest or “SCA” many responders mistake the symptoms to be a heart-attack. This condition can strike anybody at any time and of note, in in nearly all episodes there will be no previous symptoms. An SCA victim requires immediate defibrillation and cardiopulmonary resuscitation or “CPR” if they are to have any chance of a recovery.

In this respect, the CardiAid Automated External Defibrillator or “AED” proves to be an effective and very easy to use machine. Highly suitable  for public access usage and to offer a lifesaving electroshock for a patient having had an SCA within the time critical initial few minutes or until the emergency services arrive. Providing comprehensive assistance to the operator, the CardiAid is ideal for public usage. In addition it uses a successful detection and treatment algorithm making it highly effective indeed.

Notably, CardiAid AED machines meet the ILCOR (2010) European Resuscitation Council or “ERC” Resuscitation Guidelines and are the choice for first aid equipment which forms a critical element of public AED programs in places such as shopping centres, education, sports facilities and occupational safety and health practices. You will also find that they are firm favourites with emergency responder teams and marine safety units. The CardiAid AED also meets the requirements of emergency medical services professionals, Doctors and dental practices who of course require an AED device on site. 

CardiAid AED: - the characteristics

The CardiAid AED was conceived to be the most appropriate public access defibrillator and to be simple, easy to use and to offer quick treatment.

Usefully the CardiAid AED can be used by an operator with only a basic CPR understanding.

The device automatically turns on when the cover is opened.

It has pre-connected electrodes which save time and make the process very much simpler for the user.

A feature of the CardiAid AED is that it leads the user with clear and precise verbal and visual instructions from the start of the process to the end of the procedure which includes instructions that reminds the user to call the emergency services and assisting the user through the reanimation procedure.

It has a series of status indicator lights that use the universal colours of green and red indicating if there is any problem with the device, or not providing standardization.

This CardiAid AED will guide the user using a combination of both verbal commands, pictures and lights. It was created to assist the user with pictures, flashing lights of different colours and sound at the same time optimising the performance. Each graphic is simple and self-explanatory. The coloured flashing lights are designed to emphasize the pictures and buttons, with white blinking light showing the stage of the process and red blinking light indicating solely the shock button. By this method, all steps are implemented accurately even if the user has little or no previous knowledge or experience as a first responder.

Using clear verbal instructions which have been optimized for content and duration enables the CardiAid to be time-efficient in an emergency.

The CardiAid AED works with on a one-button operation principle for providing immediate treatment, safely. The operator is asked to press the shock-button, to ensure that the patient is not being touched or moved.

The CardiAid AED provides hugely effective treatment with biphasic defibrillation and offers CPR assistance with metronome signals for maximum efficiency.

The CardiAid AED has been specifically designed as a public-access specialist. This is why non-essential functions like the Electro Cardiograph display are not included for when a person without medical training is operating the machine. The CardiAid will automatically scrutinise the heart rhythm and decide whether a shock is required or not.

The CardiAid AED does not use a rechargeable battery in order to reduce the responsibility of the operator and risk of forgetting to charge the battery 

The CardiAid AED runs a daily and monthly automatic self-test and whenever the cover of the device is opened. This function enables it to be in-use without worry whenever needed.

Using the CardiAid AED is perfectly safe for both patient and the user. This machine analyses the heart rhythm of the patient using the most accurate techniques and it is impossible to impart a shock unless a shock necessary. The algorithm and the board used in CardiAid AED CT0207 optimises sensitivity.

The CardiAid AED complies with the latest ILCOR ERC Resuscitation Guidelines.

The CardiAid AED automatically stores event data and the Electro Cardiogram of the patient. 

CardiAid have a range of special accessories to provide safety, easy-use and high performance.

Included FREE with this AED:

1 x Defibrillator
1 x Protection Bag
1 x Emergency Kit
1 x Pair of defibrillation electrodes
1 x User manual
1 x Quick reference card

In addition:

A 6 year manufacturers warranty

AED Machine Specifications

AED Type  Automatic
Dimensions  30.1cm x 30.4cm x 11.2cm
Warranty  6 years
IP Rating  X4
Energy Delivery  Escalating
Electrode Pad Life  24 months
Battery Life  30 months
Manual Override  No
Memory  4 hours

Manufaturers Information PDF's

Pdf CardiAid Tchnical Sheet

Defibrillator Instalment Proposal

For many organisations a single payment does not suit their accounting procedures or cash flow model. So we are happy to offer an instalment plan on all our defibrillators.

You may prefer to spread the cost of the defibrillator and using it whilst on a lease is a straightforward efficient way of doing so.

The advantages of a leased defibrillator are:-

  • A leased defibrillator (or defibrillators) should not impact on your current or future bank borrowing
  • An efficient use of money for tax reasons
  • Keep you money on deposit rather than pay up-front
  • In many cases it means that you can get your defibrillators now and won’t have to wait for a time when you have more funds
  • Repayments are set at the outset so budgeting becomes a more simple task
  • By selecting the period of the lease you can determine the size of your repayments

As soon as your leasing is approved your defibrillator (or defibrillators) will be despatched and your training package will be activated.

Please email for more details.



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