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Health Care E-Learning

Our selection of online health care courses are designed to help carers who assess and treat patients as part of their working role attain the standards expected by the CQC.

As such, we offer courses to suit a wide variety of situations and specific requirements; including dementia, diabetes and strokes, as well as courses which cover more general health care topics such as infection control.

If however, the particular course which you are looking for is not listed below, please contact us and one of our expert training specialists will be happy to help.

Meet CQC guidelines and fulfil legal and moral responsibilities when handling medication. Suitable for all care workers.

Improve care provided to dementia suffers. Gain a fuller understanding of the condition and the individual's needs.

Understand the importance of infection control and the responsibilities involved in ensuring legal compliance.

Comply with the Equality Act 2010 and learn how to implement policies and procedures to protect those with disabilities.

Learn procedures for prescribing and administering patients' medication, minimising risk of error and improving care.

Improve the level of care and support given to people with dementia by meeting an individual's needs with tailored care plans.

Identify infection and prevent its spread through the implementation of control measures, for quality care treatment.

Influence good working practice with an understanding of the different types, purposes and risks of catheterisation.

Spot the signs and symptoms of a stroke; understand its potential long-term effects and how to best support sufferers.

Carry out accurate wound assessments, identifying the cause, treatment and risk of an injury, so as to provide quality care.

Gain knowledge of different wound and tissue types, and understand the healing process. Ideal for health care workers.

Gain understanding of tissue wounds and ulcers and the process of tissue viability. Ideal for care sector staff.

Implement good working practice of venepuncture, gaining a sound understanding of the anatomy and physiology of veins.

Gain skills and knowledge in the causes, management and treatment of pressure ulcers in order to prevent future occurrences.

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