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TutorCare now offers the CET (Certificate in Education and Training) nationwide. This qualification has now replaced the CTLLS qualification.

Ctlls Certificate To Teach In The Lifelong Learning Sector


The Certificate in Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector was aimed at associate teachers or those looking to develop a career in a role such as this. This course did not just give an individual a licence to practise as an associate teacher, but it was designed to give delegates the knowledge and skills to succeed in their role. Delegates who obtained the CTLLS certificate would qualify for Associate Teacher, Learning and Skills (ATLS) status and the qualification served as their licence. It was therefore suitable for those already in associate teacher roles; this might have included people teaching from pre-prepared materials and who didn’t have significant responsibility for designing the curriculum. However, the course was not suitable for school teachers, even those teaching students over 16 years old. This qualification was replaced by the Certificate in Education and Training (CET) which we offer across the UK.

Delegates are required to have achieved Preparing to Teach in Lifelong Learning Sector Level 3 or 4, the Award in Education and Training, or APEL from 7307 or 7407 teaching qualifications before taking the CET course.

We offer CET training courses at centres across the UK, or online via e-learning. Please call today to discuss your options and find the training best suited for you.

Outline of Programme

Delegates will develop knowledge and skills required for associate teaching roles. They will need to demonstrate their knowledge and skills through passing the array of mandatory and optional units outlined below.


  • Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector: six credits (level 3/4).
  • Planning and Enabling Learning: nine credits (level 3/4).
  • Principles and practice of assessment: three credits (level 3/4).


  • Equality and Diversity: six credits (level 3/4).
  • Preparing for the Coaching Role: three credits (level 3/4).
  • Preparing for the Mentoring Role: three credits (level 3/4).
  • The Coaching and Mentoring Roles: six credits (level 3/4).
  • Delivering Employability Skills: six credits (level 4).
  • Evaluating learning programmes: three credits (level 4).
  • Principles and Practice of Instructional Techniques: six credits (level 4).
  • Specialist Delivery Techniques and Activities: six credits (level 4).More units are in development, and may include:
  • Reflection on the context or setting in which teaching and learning takes place.
  • Elements related to a particular teaching role.
  • Specialised units on particular subjects, for example ‘assessment’.

The 7304 Certificate gave delegates the practical teaching experience by getting them to carry out micro-delivery sessions and work-based scenarios during their 30 hours practice. Delegates would come away with an enhanced confidence in their core planning and presentation abilities.


There were no exams, but to achieve the CTLLS qualification, delegates would need to complete written assignments to pre agreed deadlines and do practical presentations of their work. Delegates would also need to carry out 30 hours of te<

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