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Loading Shovels Wheeled & Tracked


This ITSSAR accredited course provides delegates with a working knowledge of both wheeled and tracked loading shovels and is therefore ideal for those working in the construction industry. Delegates attending this course will learn to prepare and operate loading shovels, including navigating them over different terrains. They will also understand necessary safety procedures so that they can implement them in the workplace and avoid accidents. We offer options to suit both novice and experienced level delegates, and refreshers are also available.

Outline of Programme

  • Introduction and explanation.
  • Working knowledge: controls, gauges, construction, component names, using the operator’s handbook, instruments, systems (coolant, lubrication, fuel).
  • Safety procedures: pre-use checks, close-down checks, hazard precautions.
  • Preparation: loading and unloading vehicles, transporters and hoppers, site travel preparation, preparing for travel on roads.
  • Operation: manoeuvring in confined areas, dealing with overhead and underground services.
  • Buckets: removing, re-attaching, using 4-in-1 bucket.
  • Excavation: excavating banks, stockpiles and below ground level, creating stockpiles, positioning and preparing machine for excavation.
  • Terrain: travelling over various terrains, levelling, grading, spreading and backfilling.
  • Theory and practical assessments.


The Loading Shovels - Wheeled and Tracked course is delivered between 1 and 5 days and an ITSSAR accredited certificate will be issued upon completion. Candidates must demonstrate a willingness to learn in both theoretical and practical training and are expected to interact in group activities. Delegates should inform their trainer if they have any health concerns, physical ailments or if special consideration should be taken.

Course Options

  • Novice Courses; 5 days - maximum 3 people per course.
  • Refresher Courses; 1 day - maximum 3 people per course.
  • Experienced Courses; 3 days - maximum 3 people per course.


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Important Information

  • The training venue should be quiet and undisturbed.
  • Staff should not be expected to be on duty.
  • Staff attending should remain for the entire length of the session.
  • Maximum of 3 staff per course.
  • Flexible dates, call to book a day that suits you.

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