The importance of fire safety in a care environment

Fire safety rules and regulations are designed to save lives and protect both people and property. As the owner of a business, organisation or facility, you are responsible for fire safety and the health and safety of all people on the premises.

A crucial part of fire safety is the fire risk assessment, which is designed to flag up potential hazards and help you to eliminate them through implementing fire safety measures.  TutorCare offer a BSC award in Fire Risk Assessment training course online.

One of the first things you are required to do when you (or an appointed consultant) conduct a fire risk assessment is to assess who is most at risk from fire. In a normal business, i.e. an office, the people most at risk would be children, elderly or disabled people, those who work in isolated areas or close to fire hazards.

In a care environment, however, the number of people most at risk drastically increases. This is because most of the residents in care homes are likely to be disabled, elderly, in poor health or vulnerable in some other way. In case of a fire, these people may find it harder to escape the danger, and they may also be more at risk from the effects of fire (i.e. smoke inhalation).

This makes fire safety in care homes doubly important, meaning that all rules and regulations must be met, fire awareness training must be carried out and overall, standards must be kept exceptionally high.

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