Three Unexpected Signs That You Have Anxiety

When most people think of an “anxiety disorder,” they think of someone curled up in a ball, wracked by a panic attack. But not all people with anxiety feel full-blown panic. In fact, many people with anxiety never have intense feelings of nervousness or dread; nor will all people with anxiety experience other common symptoms like nausea, heart palpitations, and shortness of breath. These people may not realise they are suffering from an unexpected sign of anxiety. As a result, many people with anxiety go undiagnosed and continue to suffer from anxieties surprising physical and mental effects.

So how do you know if you have anxiety? Check out the three unexpected signs below. 

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Anxiety – How to help someone through an anxiety attack

For the person experiencing an anxiety attack, it feels like the world has momentarily shifted on its axis. You only need to look at their sweaty palms, their fast breath, and their shaking hands to see the obvious impact these attacks have.

One aspect that often gets overlooked in regards to anxiety disorders is what these issues are like for the people witnessing the condition. If you are forced to watch a friend or family member suffering through a panic attack, you can feel completely alone, impotent, and incredibly confused as to how you can assist. Continue reading “Anxiety – How to help someone through an anxiety attack”

Is My Basic Food Hygiene Certificate Valid?

Is My Basic Food Hygiene Certificate Valid?

In 2006, in response to a change in European Law, the Basic Food Hygiene Certificate, which had previously only been a level one qualification, was updated and expanded.  The change in EU law made it mandatory for all UK premises where food was handled to have in place a ‘Food Safety Management System’.  This meant industry-wide changes to all existing food handling guidelines. Due to the scope of the changes it was feared that the Basic Food Hygiene Certificate was simply too basic to cope with the new more complex food safety law.

To ensure that all staff continued to operate safely, in addition to being a safeguard against court cases related to food poisoning as a result of a lack of due diligence, the course was expanded to include three levels of accreditation.  The course has been split into three sectors, according to the National Occupational Standards (NOS) for Food Safety, ensuring that all staff receive training relevant to their work sector, that being either manufacturing, catering or retail. Continue reading “Is My Basic Food Hygiene Certificate Valid?”

What is COSHH and why you need to know about it

COSHH is a law that pertains to the Control Of Substances that are Hazardous to Health. It obliges employers to take certain measures to protect the lives and health of their workers.

Which industries does COSHH regulation relate to?

Many businesses use substances or products that could be harmful to human health. Even common substances such as paint or bleach need to be handled with care and workers should not be exposed to them without the necessary precautions. Other businesses may produce harmful substances as a result of certain processes, and again, these risks must be managed if exposure is to be limited. Continue reading “What is COSHH and why you need to know about it”