Complaints over poor food hygiene standards on Masterchef

It may be one of the most popular programmes on TV, but some viewers of BBC One’s Masterchef have complained of what they have described as “stomach-turning” breaches of food hygiene.

On the Points of View page on the BBC website, many fans of the show, which is presented by Gregg Wallace and John Torode, left complaints on a message board of the many examples of poor food hygiene standards they’ve spotted during the recent series. Complaints included:

• Contestants’ long hair dangling into food
• Nail varnish that hasn’t been covered up
• Jewellery (which could be harbouring bacteria and dirt) being worn whilst cooking
• Sweat from nervous contestants dripping into food

Those who complained blamed the producers of Masterchef for not giving contestants even basic food hygiene training and not putting a stop to bad hygiene practices.

In response to the complaints, a spokesperson for the show said:

“When filming in professional kitchens we always follow the guidelines required by the restaurant in question. Any contestant with long hair will be asked to tie it back or wear a hat because they are cooking for the general public.

“We do not insist on using hats and hair nets in the studio kitchens but hygiene remains an issue of great importance.”

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One thought on “Complaints over poor food hygiene standards on Masterchef”

  1. In master 2018 one of the contestant nawamin the few past show he keep on touching his hair the he touch the food very unhygeineic then in show on Monday 9/4/2018 in to he’s touches hair and also his nose I thick it is disgusting things like put you of food and show sorry to say .

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