First aid tips – heart attacks

Of all the medical emergencies that can happen in everyday life, a heart attack can be the most frightening to experience. It can also be very scary to witness. In such a situation, there really is no substitute for proper first aid training.

If someone appears to have a heart attack in front of you, you must immediately call 999 to request an ambulance. The pain from a heart attack will not simply go away on its own – a person who has had a heart attack must seek professional medical assistance right away.

However, there are some things that you can do to help in this kind of critical situation, such as:

• Making sure the person is as comfortable as possible

• Getting the person to sit down on the floor, ideally leaning against something like a wall or a chair. By sitting down, there is less of a chance that the person will injure themselves if they collapse. In this position, there will also be less strain on the person’s heart.

• Doing your best to keep the person calm, giving them constant reassurance and support until help arrives.

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