Former North Wales takeaway owner admits food hygiene offences

The former owner of a takeaway near Wrexham in North Wales has admitted a series of food hygiene offences, which could have lead to a serious E.coli outbreak in the area.

The Llay Fish Bar, previously owned by Ramazan Aslan, was accused of being the most likely source of the 2009 outbreak, after a number of people became seriously ill after eating at the fast food outlet. One of these was Karen Morrisroe-Clutton, who contracted the illness after eating a veggie burger and chips from the takeaway.

In court this week, Mr Aslan admitted breaching a number of health and safety regulations. The charges against him included:

– Failure to ensure that food was fit for consumption and protected against contamination
– Leaving doors open without fitting insect-proof screens
– Failure to provide handwash basins and drying materials in food preparation areas
– Failure to notify the council that he was the new food business operator at the Llay Fish Bar
– Out of date food management procedures
– Inadequate pest control procedures
– Failure to undergo the proper food hygiene training, (possibly accounting for all of the former charges)

Mr Aslan will be sentenced next month in Mold Crown Court.

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