What health and safety facilities do employers need to provide?

To ensure that all employees are safe, healthy and comfortable during their time at work, employers will need to provide certain facilities and equipment. As well as fire detecting and fire fighting equipment for emergency situations, there are smaller, more everyday facilities you should be providing for your staff members.

For example:

• A fully stocked first aid kit – this is a workplace essential and a legal requirement, but you will also need someone with first aid training to be able to use it
• Toilets and hand-washing facilities, as well as hand dryers
• Drinking water
• A place to eat meals and rest during breaks
• Systems to ensure good ventilation
• Heating systems which create a comfortable working environment
• Adequate lighting for the work being carried out in your workplace
• Lockers or other places for workers to store clothing and belongings
• Somewhere to change if employees need to wear special clothes for work
• Clean and hygienic workspaces – you may need to employ a cleaner, if you haven’t already
• Appropriate containers for waste

To learn more about your responsibilities as an employer, you should consider taking a health and safety training course.

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