Why is nutrition training so important for care workers?

As a carer, you have responsibilities to provide committed and consistent care, to show a dedication to improving the everyday lives of vulnerable, elderly and ill people.

The foundation of quality care is meeting the essential daily requirements of the people receiving care, starting of course with proper nutrition.

Nutrition is not as simple as providing patients with enough to eat and ensuring they stick to a reasonably healthy diet. Every patient has different needs when it comes to nutrition, depending on everything from allergies to medical conditions. Therefore, the nutrition one patient requires may be radically different to another.

By undergoing nutrition awareness training, you can start to learn about the part food plays in good health, as well as what dietary changes may be required for particular illnesses. This kind of training course can also teach you about:

– Malnutrition and its symptoms, implications and effects
– The importance of hydration
– How to provide a practical and nutritional diet
– Key minerals and nutrients needed by the body
– The key food groups
– How to increase energy intake
– Food liquidisation
– Healthy eating
– The role of nutrients in the healing of wounds

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