Paediatric first aid training FAQs pt.2

Paediatric first aid training is very different to first aid training designed for adults. If you are thinking of taking a course, you may have some questions that you need answering.

In part 1 of this guide, we looked at the kinds of people who may need to take paediatric first aid training, as well as the length of typical training courses and the differences between paediatric firs aid and first aid for adults.

Now, let’s move on to other commonly asked questions relating to paediatric first aid.

What is covered in paediatric first aid training?

The following are generally covered on paediatric first aid training courses:

• Resuscitation
• Recognising and responding to electric shock, anaphylactic shock, bleeding, burns and scalds, choking, suspected fractures, poisoning, eye injuries, febrile convulsions, bites and stings
• Recognising and responding to the signs of meningitis
• Planning for and dealing with first aid emergencies
• Treating shock

How long do paediatric first aid certificates valid for?

Once you have successfully completed your paediatric first aid training course, you will be issued with a certificate. This is valid for three years, after which time you will need to take another course to brush up on your skills and knowledge and get the certificate renewed.

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