The priorities of first aid

A qualification in Emergency First Aid at Work can make all the difference in the event of an accident or illness occurring in the work place. The course covers a whole range of skills, including the priorities of first aid.

It is essential to be able to assess a situation quickly, calmly and effectively and then take appropriate action. Time really is of the essence in an emergency, and having the knowledge and skills that allow swift and decisive action can significantly improve the patient’s chances of survival.

Once the area has been safe and help has been called for, it is important to assess the casualty, checking for breathing. If the person is breathing, they should put in the recovery position until medical help arrives. If they are not breathing they need CPR.

First aid training offers the know-how and practise that allows first-aiders to react to the situation with confidence, so that they can assess, recognise and deal with common workplace injuries, bleeding and shock etc.

With luck, employees will not need to use their skills too often, and they need to take a refresher course annually if they are to maintain their abilities.

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