Workplace fire safety – fire safety checklist for employers

As we approach national fire safety awareness week it is useful to review old checklists (and update) to ensure the information we offer on this site is accurate. Fires and explosions caused 261 fatalities in 2017, in addition to damage and loss of business equipment and buildings. These are good reasons every business needs a fire prevention plan. Here are some workplace fire safety tips: Continue reading “Workplace fire safety – fire safety checklist for employers”

Fire Safety Tips for the workplace

Today sees the first of a three part series of posts on Fire Safety tips in the Workplace.  We hope you find them useful for your business.

As a business owner and more importantly as an employer you are required by law to ensure that your property has been assessed for the risk of fire and that related policies / procedures are in place mitigating such risks. The responsibility not only extends beyond your employees but also to anyone visiting the workplace.The following article contains some simple steps you can take to help nullify any potential risks associated with fire and the devastating effect it can have on a modern day business. Continue reading “Fire Safety Tips for the workplace”