Abuse: Vulnerable adults and common signs

Everyone has a right to live an abuse free life, regardless of age, gender, race, or mental capacity. Normally, every adult will demand and fight for this right. But for vulnerable adults, due to their advanced age and intellectual impairments, cannot make such demands and hence, stand the risk of being abused.

What makes it worse is the inability of these adults to even identify abuse or to report it. Individuals with cognitive impairment may not be aware that they are being abused, while those with communication difficulties will find it difficult to express themselves. In some cases, the abusers prevent access to these people, making it even more difficult for help to reach them.

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What is SOVA and why is awareness so important?

It is a sad fact that abuse does occur within the care sector, often to individuals who are already in a vulnerable position. Abuse needs to be properly identified, dealt with and prevented, which is where SOVA awareness training courses prove to be useful for care workers.

SOVA stands for Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults (formerly Protecting Vulnerable People / Adults, or POVA). It is a concept and a training course, designed to help care staff properly protect the people in their care.

If you work within the care sector, undertaking this kind of course is extremely important as it raises awareness of the main SOVA issues and explains how they can be dealt with using official policies and procedures.

On a typical SOVA awareness training course, you are likely to learn about:

  • The many different types of abuse
  • The signs and symptoms of abuse to look out for
  • Who can be classified as a vulnerable adult, and what sort of behaviour makes someone an abuser
  • How to deal with abuse once it is discovered
  • Current legislation relating to abuse
  • The correct abuse reporting and disclosure procedures to follow

For more information on SOVA and how it can make a difference to you visit our SAFEGUARDING OF VULNERABLE ADULTS (SOVA) AWARENESS TRAINING COURSE