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Mental Health Care Training

Our range of mental health care training meets recommendations underlined by the CQC to ensure that care workers are delivering a high standard of care. Our course content is updated regularly and instructors each hold a relevant background in care.

Training is available in-house and online via e-learning. If the particular course which you are looking for is not listed below, please do contact us and one of our expert training specialists will be happy to help.

SPECIAL OFFER: Make a saving by utilising a trainer for the whole day. Any 3, 2 hour courses; or 2, 3 hour courses can be combined for discounts of up to 30%!

Raise awareness of the challenges and issues arising from dementia. 3 hour introductory course.

Training for care workers to gain an awareness of mental health disorders and the stigmas associated with them. 2 hours.

Introductory course on the stipulations of the Mental Health Act of 1985 and its 2007 amendements. 3 hour course.

Comprehensive 6 hour course that covers the Mental Health Act and the Millian Principles. Find out more.

Recommended training for those new to mental health care. Covers the principles of different conditions and disorders..

Our most in-depth and practical training for helping sufferers of dementia. 6 hour course.

Help those with Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder with this 3 hour course on causes and management.

Comprehensive 5 hour course to learn about the characteristics of bipolar, and treatment options for those who have it.

2 hour course teaches care staff about the medical, social and practical impacts of BPD, and how to care for those who have it.

2 hour course teaches understanding about the triggers of depression, and the treatment options available.

Full days training covering these three topics. Suitable for all health & social care professionals.

Manage stress levels effectively; learn to identify and develop coping mechanisms for yourself and people around you.

Improve understanding of schizophrenia within your organisation with this 2 hour training course.

Develop a greater insight into self harm, how common it is, and how to help affected persons. 2 hour care course.

Understand the neurological aspect of OCD and how to manage it. 2 hour training course.

Develop an insight into the physchological and physical effects of eating disorders. 2 hour awareness course.

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