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Safeguarding Courses

Whether working with children or adults, it is essential that staff protect all persons under their care, especially those who are vulnerable to abuse or exploitation. The range of safeguarding courses below is extensive, but if the particular course which you are looking for is not listed, please do contact one of our training specialists.

All of our courses ensure that staff are aware of their legal responsibilities under the Mental Capacity Act and Deprivation of Liberties Safeguards (DOLS).

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Raise awareness of how both these acts affect the everyday work of care staff. Essential 2 hour course.

Basic 3 hour course to give a working knowledge of the importance of safeguarding vulnerable adults.

Enhance understanding of child protection issues and better manage a range of situations. 2 hour course.

3 hour introduction to safeguarding children and the issues surrounding it. Also suitable as a refresher course.

Awareness workshop regarding the PREVENT extremism government initiative. Essential 3 hour course.

Essential for all care home staff no matter their role or experience. 7 hour/full day training course.

Ideal for anyone regularly working with children; be that teachers, police, social workers, GPs and youth workers.

Maintain the standards required by law with knowledge learned on this 2 hour training course. Find out more now.

6 hour course for managers to develop the skills needed to manage the physical and emotional aspects of safeguarding.

Understand the role and responsibility shouldered by management in regard to MCA and DOLS. 6 hour course.

Understand the importance of confidentiality, but also what might need to be shared. 2 hour course.

Training meets recommendations underlined by the CQC; identify and support children who have been sexually exploited.

Better identify the signs of sexual abuse and provide children with the support they need. 4 hour course.

Develop an in-depth understanding of the common domestic abuse issues and the legalities surrounding them.

An extensive overview of the relevant policies and procedures supporting unaccompanied children. 5 hour course.

Detect bullying and prevent future occurrences, providing better support to vulnerable people. 4 hours.

Gain a deeper understanding of teenage substance abuse and the reasons behind it. 4 hour training course.

Recommended training for those working with sex offenders, or care staff responsible for vulnerable people.

Improve your knowledge of the most commonly used drugs and their effects. 3 hour training course.

Understand the threats facing children who use the internet, and improve safeguarding to protect them.

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