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Workplace Safety

This section contains a wealth of essential workplace health and safety courses which help to ensure that your company remains compliant with training regulations. Many of the below courses are mandatory for maintaining occupational health, but we also provide more specialised courses to help your specific business meet health and safety standards.

If the particular course which you are looking for is not listed below, please do contact us and one of our expert training specialists will be happy to help.

Learn to deal with a range of accidents and emergencies, providing appropriate treatment and support.

Introductory course to help understand the relevant legislation and promote an effective equality and diversity policy.

Improve awareness of workplace hazards and how to conduct appropriate risk assessments.

Raise awareness of the potential fire hazards in your workplace and how to manage fires should one occur.

Develop managerial skills in handling aggressive/challenging behaviour. Buy online now, or call regarding bulk licences.

Learn to identify when conflict may occur and how to quickly (and subtly) diffuse potentially confrontational situations.

Make sure your staff are working in compliance with regulations for hazardous substances with this online course.

Learn your responsibilities under RIDDOR, including recording workplace illnesses and accidents.

Understand the causes of stress and identify the signs and response signals in order to manage and reduce it.

Understand the health impacts of computers and DSE, and make appropriate adjustments to workstations and working practice.

Online course to familiarise drivers with defensive driving and how to minimise risks whilst on the road.

Identify and reduce Legionella bacteria hazards and risks. For owners of premises used for business, trade or renting.

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