My child has autism, now what?

My child has autism, now what do I do?  The phrase has been asked countless times after diagnosis and quite regularly is a shock.

Autism is a frightening diagnosis that leaves many parents in a state of devastation. It’s a complex disorder that has no known cause and presents itself in each child differently. It’s a word that sends worried new parents researching everything from the safety of vaccinations to optimal gut health.

With the rates of diagnosis increasing exponentially over the last several years, it makes sense that autism would become a huge topic of conversation both in the medical world and in the conversations between new parents.

So what do you do if one of your tightly held fears of receiving a diagnosis for your child comes to pass? How do you keep it together when all you want to do is fall apart? This article offers a realistic outlook on what to do after receiving an autism diagnosis. Continue reading “My child has autism, now what?”

Child Care – What to do if a baby is choking

Like adults, children and babies also are at risk from choking.

A choking baby is every parent’s biggest fear but it is also a serious risk to those that work in child care.  At TutorCare we offer courses covering a wide range of First Aid topics including Basic Paediatric First Aid Training that includes training on how to deal with a child choking.

Depending upon the childs age there are two different approaches to choking.
The following is a guide only outlining the steps a trained adult can take to stop a child or baby from choking.
Please do not follow these steps unless you have attended a certified course.

A video released by the NHS can be seen here

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